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Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

SkillShift offers talent acquisition and onboarding services to digital agencies, streamlining the hiring process to meet digital innovation needs and ensuring smooth integration of new hires. Our services are designed to help agencies attract, recruit, and retain top talent, enhancing their overall team capabilities and performance.


We help you with

SkillShift streamlines the hiring process to attract top talent and ensure smooth onboarding.

  • Streamline the hiring process to attract and recruit top talent.
  • Ensure smooth and effective onboarding of new hires.
  • Enhance overall team capabilities and performance.
  • Support agencies in meeting their digital innovation and growth needs.

Our services help agencies attract, recruit, and retain top talent, enhancing team capabilities and performance.

How we do it.


Talent Acquisition Strategy

Developing customized talent acquisition strategies tailored to the agency’s needs. Identifying key roles and skill sets required to meet business objectives.


Candidate Sourcing

Leveraging various sourcing channels to attract top talent, including job boards, social media, and professional networks. Conducting proactive outreach and headhunting for hard-to-fill positions.


Screening and Selection

Implementing a rigorous screening process to assess candidate qualifications, skills, and cultural fit. Conducting structured interviews and assessments to identify the best candidates.


Onboarding Process Design

Designing comprehensive onboarding programs to ensure smooth integration of new hires. Providing resources and training to help new employees understand the agency’s culture, processes, and tools.


Onboarding Support

Offering ongoing support and guidance to new hires during their initial months. Conducting regular check-ins and feedback sessions to address any concerns and ensure successful onboarding.


Our Process.

We keep things simple and effective. Our process ensures that we understand your needs, create a solid plan, and deliver results that help you achieve your goals.



We start by getting to know you and your needs through honest conversations and research.



We craft a straightforward, effective plan that aligns with your goals and uses the best industry practices.



We put the plan into action and stick around to support you, making sure everything runs smoothly and continues to improve.

Add-on Services

Marketing agency with top talented people are providing quality services.

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Executive Search

Specialized search for senior leadership and executive roles. This service focuses on identifying and attracting top-tier executive talent to lead your agency.

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Advanced Assessment Tools

In-depth candidate assessments using advanced psychometric and skills testing. This service ensures a thorough evaluation of candidates to identify the best fit for your agency.

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Custom Onboarding Programs

Tailored onboarding programs designed to meet specific agency needs. This service provides customized onboarding experiences to ensure smooth integration and alignment with agency culture.

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Why choose skillshift?

“We like to win, to grow and to feel the difference we make in the world.”
- Bemoi George. Managing Director, skillshift

Our Promise

Our promise is to guide, enhance, and revolutionize the way businesses and digital agencies interact with the digital world.


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Our team is a group of global agency veterans, data scientists, and digital experts who really gets it.


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Gain access to specialized knowledge and insights powered by our propriety technology.

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